A sneak preview from our new album

This track is called Night Visit and is from our new album called ‘The Devil’s Cup’

Night Visit by One Hand Clapping

Our new album – The Devil’s Cup

We are delighted to present to you our new album – The Devil’s Cup

Track list:

1. The Huntreilly 2010 (G. Kennedy) 02:44
2. Dance with the Devil (T. Hilton) 03:42
3. My Lagan Love 2010 (Trad: G. Kennedy) 02:20
4. Raglan Road (P.Kavanagh) 05:37
5. If it hadn’t been for love (M. Henderson/C. Stapleton) 03:36
6. F.B.I. (H. Marvin/B. Welch/J. Harris) 02:22
7. This Town (T. Hilton) 05:46
8. The Night Visit (Trad: One Hand Clapping)
9. Fur Elise/The Lonesome Boatman/Apache (L.V. Beethoven/F. Furey/L. Jordan) 04:31
10. If I should fall behind (B. Springsteen) 03:38
11. Past the point of rescue (M. Hanley) 04:09
12. The Mighty Sparrow (S. Shannon) 02:44
13. The Contender (J. McCarthy) 09:18

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One Hand Clapping are a band based in the North West of England and play a driving Celtic folk rock but with the occassional Irish Ballad thrown into the mix. The type of material played ranges from The Dubliners to The Saw Doctors to The Pogues.